Saturday, 11 June 2011

The longed initiation

And the BLOG BUG bites me..!!!!
initiating me to the virtual journey of expression.

Aahhhhhh long strived wish finally materializes. The blog baton swaying most of my folks with its mystic magic finally landed in my amateur yet curious hands. PRIVILEGE INDEED...!!!!
But honestly lethargy cladded bones of mine attained self-realization only when Bau (izzat se Mr. Khurshed Batliwala) repeatedly encouraged us (yes!+ gang) of the benefits to splurge in such an artistic odessey. Blog writing is just a very very  minute addition to my list of  'bau-dinesh' inspired flairs. Right from the way I breathe down to my things mending ability all have the BAU-logical factor.

Certain blessed species have an excessive adrenaline secretion tendency to suit their wild and crazy living. Oh yeaa...I m ONE of them!!!! Adventure-phillic persona and fatigue-proof anatomy makes me a pleasing nuisance for those less fortunate, boring plagued souls who need my constant nagging. But anyways!!!
What a remarkable scope of improvement, for my leadership skills these unfortunate beings provide!!!!!! :p Sadly I deal with a hefty flock of them. :( Sucha task!!! Thanks to the spiritually batteries plugged besides me :) they keep me going :D

Earnestly looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Toot ti hai khamoshiyain jab hoti hai sargoshiyain...  :)

Jai Gurudev
Shivani :)