Friday, 27 September 2013

Invisible Prospective

Something that we all miss to do in life is to hold a step and think about where are we really headed? Are we doing the right things? Are we progressing in our life?

Before the time flies do somethings that you always want to do and not what you have to do. There lies a big difference in your work & passion. If its the same and in the right direction then success isn't far!! Your life wont be boring or monotonous & you will always be flooded with creative ideas.

But whats essential is an intelligent filtration of thoughts, ideas, wants & desires. Its imperative to know the difference between all the terms mentioned above. If we get confused amongst them then we might be misguided by our own thoughts. Most of the times we are victimized by our own thoughts and often create hurdles for ourselves. It might be difficult to define ourselves initially but once you break from your old patterns and educate your mind, a lot of new dimensions will open up and you will be surprised with your own dexterity...!!!!
Have fun trying it & do let me know how did you find it

Toot ti hai khamoshiya jab hoti hai sargoshiya

Jai gurudev
Shivani :)