Thursday, 26 January 2012

Life. . .

In the full mood of "gyaan" giving and sudden rush of philosophy (the "purane zamane k log" or "highly learned baba" types ;)) has finally awakened me from the long long hibernation i went in from my here is a new post that has some unruffled flovour. 

There are times when your living your life usually. Suddenly you think you've lost it and everything comes to a standstill. and the loss comes so strong that you have nowhere to go and life ends. And you feel horrible-frustration-misery-depression, clueless about what to do and where to go?!?! When you give up and finally surrender there comes a new ray of hope and that is the time you just don't want to loose. You grab and cling on to it before it goes out of your reach. That is the time when you decide to use your super precious time to your fullest abilities and in the best possible manner. 


Toot ti hai khamoshiya jab hoti hai sargoshiya

Jai gurudev
Shivani :)