Tuesday, 6 September 2011

how i found my real GURU

I signed up for my basic course because my friend wanted me to accompany her and i hazily remembered few moments of my art exel. It got postponed due to less number of participants and eventually started after two weeks. It was kinda fun and "i don't know how to describe" the experience of my first 'SUDARSHAN KRIYA'
But it was definitely amazing!!! After my course i went for follow-ups regularly n thats where i came across a youth course happening on the same day of my exam getting over.
They called it YES!+ (Youth Empowerment and Skills workshop). It sounded cool so I thought to give it a try and check it out. It was the best thing that ever happened in my life!! And this was the time when i felt He (guruji) was telling me something through His eyes from the photo. After the course came to an end I made up my mind to be a teacher. And then there's no looking back. Since that time i completely drowned myself from head to toe into seva
                                              my GURU..
With a guru like His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar you cannot help but feel happy and grateful. No matter what the situation is good or bad or embarrassing or funny or depressed or confused or whatever you can think of, you just feel super blessed and lucky to be the chosen one. You have this super huge ocean of knowledge which helps you at the time of misery and tricks the whole situation into a learning experience instead of acting like grief-stricken and feeling useless. He enhances your hidden skills elating you to a new dimension. In this journey you also happen to meet some fantastic people and have crazy fun ;)
Post 'Art Of Living' agreement 'LIFE GAME' offers undue advantage at every halt as referee (divine) Himself is helplessly bribed out of your love :)
Heart swings and soul sways with His song!!! Such is the aurora of the master that every living entity on the planet gasps upon the celestial wings breezing onto Him. Expression via words is damn futile, silence forging straight from the core describes His myst self the best.
He is absolute, acme of all human attributes. Hence every being according to his elation fills his voids via this ultimate storehouse as he couples himself with the frequency of the Master.

Tez andhi me bhi mitne se mana karte hai,
kuch nishan kadmo k aisehote hai...

Toot ti hai khamoshiya jab hoti hai sargoshiya :)

Jai Gurudev
Shivani :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011


 POEM-A verbal composition designed to convey experiences, ideas oe emotions in a vivid and imaginative manner. Here i better say the measured length of emotion...some use to express their feelings while while for their bread and butter. There also exists one of its kind of species who don't know what talent they have but eventually stumble upon it. Out of those one has written this piece. My non-genetic friend 'philosopher' [sorry but i couldn't help mentioning this one ;)]  guide and brother. It was given to me on the second rakhi. This is my small way of making u famous ;) which i believe you already are :) and to thank you for the endless advices n laughter that u gave me and the immemorable moments and guru stories that we share..THANK YOU

  Its been a year actually,
  But still i feel its a matter of today only
  We were not together by birth actually,
  But still I feel when we met was the right time only

  We shared so much laughter
  And understood each others tear in a span of year only

  You are the one who knows where I dream to go,
  Accept me the way I am and became my bestest sweetest  oh-my-godly wow sister cum friend
          in a span of year only

  You know when I am mad,
          and help me when I am sad
  You are so smart
          you have my heart

  I don't understand how one can be so close in a span of year only...

Toot ti hai khamoshiya jab hoti hai sargoshiya :)

Jai Gurudev
Shivani :)

Saturday, 2 July 2011

my 1st BRTS journey

2nd july when 70,000 people from across the globe gathered at Berlin, Germany for World Culture Festival for the celebration which signifies 30 glorious years of The Art of Living!!!
I decided to go to ahmedabad to spend my weekend with my cousins. My sister and I took a volvo bus dat droped us at the end of express highway. The volvo jourbey was pretty cozy......and the bus had LCD which showed haunted movie. Later as per the instruction we decided to take the BRTS (bus route transit system) from the nearby stop not knowing what was waiting in store for us. We took the tickets and waited for the bus for a couple of minutes. The bus looked very impressive from the rest of the public transport which is generally very untidy n rusty. We quickly got into the bus and found that it was heavily crowded. I prayed to guruji that all of them should disappear at the next stop but in vain :( to my horror it was incresing after every stop. Initially it took time for us to accept the surrounding as it is. The bus scene was like...everyone entangled in their own thoughts or listening music from their cell phones (which i think was impossible because of the noise of the traffic outside). people using their cell phones in the crowded bus seemed brave to me when i could barely stand. In the background i could hear the melodious voice of the announcement of a female voice updating with the nearest bus stop. I suddenly realised there is a different world outside the bus and started checking out the city. We hung ourselves on the handles of the bus which proved to be a great help at the times when the driver applied brakes. My body used to oscillate between 90-45 degrees whenever he used his brakes which now seemed like his weapon to me. The bending movement of my body was directly proportional to the force applied by the driver on his weapon (brakes) :D After 6-7 stops my respiratory organs got some relief and the availability of air increased. And i could finally see people sitting on the seats giving a look of the worriors as if they hav won the war by getting a seat for themselves...by the time i asked my sister to take a seat she said we are almost at our stop. We took a richshaw to reach home from the stop.
The journey was pathetic but i reached earlier then i expected and concluded that its preety fast which

Looking forward to know some of your expriences as well ;)

Toot ti hai khamoshiya jab hoti hai sargoshiya :)

Jai Gurudev
Shivani :)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

The longed initiation

And the BLOG BUG bites me..!!!!
initiating me to the virtual journey of expression.

Aahhhhhh long strived wish finally materializes. The blog baton swaying most of my folks with its mystic magic finally landed in my amateur yet curious hands. PRIVILEGE INDEED...!!!!
But honestly lethargy cladded bones of mine attained self-realization only when Bau (izzat se Mr. Khurshed Batliwala) repeatedly encouraged us (yes!+ gang) of the benefits to splurge in such an artistic odessey. Blog writing is just a very very  minute addition to my list of  'bau-dinesh' inspired flairs. Right from the way I breathe down to my things mending ability all have the BAU-logical factor.

Certain blessed species have an excessive adrenaline secretion tendency to suit their wild and crazy living. Oh yeaa...I m ONE of them!!!! Adventure-phillic persona and fatigue-proof anatomy makes me a pleasing nuisance for those less fortunate, boring plagued souls who need my constant nagging. But anyways!!!
What a remarkable scope of improvement, for my leadership skills these unfortunate beings provide!!!!!! :p Sadly I deal with a hefty flock of them. :( Sucha task!!! Thanks to the spiritually batteries plugged besides me :) they keep me going :D

Earnestly looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Toot ti hai khamoshiyain jab hoti hai sargoshiyain...  :)

Jai Gurudev
Shivani :)