Saturday, 2 July 2011

my 1st BRTS journey

2nd july when 70,000 people from across the globe gathered at Berlin, Germany for World Culture Festival for the celebration which signifies 30 glorious years of The Art of Living!!!
I decided to go to ahmedabad to spend my weekend with my cousins. My sister and I took a volvo bus dat droped us at the end of express highway. The volvo jourbey was pretty cozy......and the bus had LCD which showed haunted movie. Later as per the instruction we decided to take the BRTS (bus route transit system) from the nearby stop not knowing what was waiting in store for us. We took the tickets and waited for the bus for a couple of minutes. The bus looked very impressive from the rest of the public transport which is generally very untidy n rusty. We quickly got into the bus and found that it was heavily crowded. I prayed to guruji that all of them should disappear at the next stop but in vain :( to my horror it was incresing after every stop. Initially it took time for us to accept the surrounding as it is. The bus scene was like...everyone entangled in their own thoughts or listening music from their cell phones (which i think was impossible because of the noise of the traffic outside). people using their cell phones in the crowded bus seemed brave to me when i could barely stand. In the background i could hear the melodious voice of the announcement of a female voice updating with the nearest bus stop. I suddenly realised there is a different world outside the bus and started checking out the city. We hung ourselves on the handles of the bus which proved to be a great help at the times when the driver applied brakes. My body used to oscillate between 90-45 degrees whenever he used his brakes which now seemed like his weapon to me. The bending movement of my body was directly proportional to the force applied by the driver on his weapon (brakes) :D After 6-7 stops my respiratory organs got some relief and the availability of air increased. And i could finally see people sitting on the seats giving a look of the worriors as if they hav won the war by getting a seat for the time i asked my sister to take a seat she said we are almost at our stop. We took a richshaw to reach home from the stop.
The journey was pathetic but i reached earlier then i expected and concluded that its preety fast which

Looking forward to know some of your expriences as well ;)

Toot ti hai khamoshiya jab hoti hai sargoshiya :)

Jai Gurudev
Shivani :)