Friday, 9 January 2015

New year 2015!!!

New year new mistakes new lessons new outlook new resolution. But this time I am going to find out weather I really fulfilled my last years's resolution?!

Lot of us plan to set new goals/rules for ourselves in the pretext of taking a step higher. But what we forget is the amount of extra efforts that we have to put in making it successful. Amidst the celebration and coming of new year we randomly decide to take a resolution and forget as it gets old.

But this year 2015 I have decided to just be my awesome self!!! Being more and more of myself. Somehow in the everyday life we often forget to be ourself and give in to the situations and events happening around.

I am just going to be my "original" self because I am all about faith, gratitude, devotion and passion.

Toot ti hai khamoshiya jab hoti hai sargoshiya

Jai gurudev
Shivani :)